Six Day Study & Practice Retreat – Buddhist Foundations of Mindfulness Series – Contextualising Mindfulness

Sun 23 – Sat February 29, course no. 20.06

Akiñcano M. Weber and Yuka Nakamura (English)

unlike stated in our printed program: due to health problems in the family, Christina Feldmann will unfortunately not be able to co-teach this retreat.

This is the first in a series of three standalone retreats that examine the Buddhist roots of contemporary mindfulness approaches. The course will examine the Buddhist psychological foundations of contemporary mindfulness, aim at identifying key mind functions, discern different facets of mindfulness and their respective roles in developing insight, calm and transforming distress. Wisdom teachings that underpin contemporary mindfulness will also be explored and contextualised in psychological language.

Format: Mornings will be dedicated to silent, sustained practice. Afternoons and evenings will be opportunities for collective inquiry and personal practice.

Requirements: The retreat, while primarily aimed at people teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches or in training to do so, is also open to people with experience of previous silent meditation retreats who are interested in the dialogue between the early teachings of mindfulness and contemporary approaches.

Important: This is a stand-alone and donation-based retreat. While we encourage following all three retreats it is possible to attend only this one.

Bookings: Registration entails booking via Bodhi College first. Please read here for a fuller description of the retreat: https://bodhi-college.org/events/9-bfm-contextualising-mindfulness/region-NL/

Kosten CHF 485.-/Euro 462.-
plus course cost
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