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Dharma Talks by Fred von Allmen in English » (dharmaseed.org)

Dharma Talks by Christina Feldman in English » (dharmaseed.org)

Christina Feldman, About Dana - Generosity, English
(12 Min., 5.7 MB)

Christina Feldman, Dimensions of Joy, English
(52 Min., 17.9 MB)

Christina Feldman, Papancha, Proliferation of Thoughts and Mental Events, English
(49 Min., 23 MB)

Dharma Talks by Carol Wilson in English » (dharmaseed.org)

Carol Wilson   Investigating the Sense of Self  English 2014
(62 Min., 17 MB)

Carol Wilson   Three Types of Happiness  English 2013
(54 Min., 19 MB)

Carol Wilson  Happiness Starts in the Mind  English 2013
(60 Min., 18 MB)

Carol Wilson  Happy Happy Happy  English  2012
(57 Min., 19.8 MB)

Carol Wilson  Metta - Loving Kindness  English
(64 Min., 7.5 MB)

Dharma Talks by Joseph Goldstein in English » (dharmaseed.org)

Joseph Goldstein  The Art and Science of the Meditative Journey  English  2012
(56 Min., 19.5 MB)

Joseph Goldstein  Happiness is Available  English
(54 Min., 6 MB)

Joseph Goldstein  If I Do Not Exist - Why Am I Here  English
(72 Min., 8 MB)

Joseph Goldstein  Viriya - Choosing the Power of Courageous Effort (Right Effort)  English
(56 Min., 26 MB)

Dharma Talks by Jack Kornfield in English » (dharmaseed.org)

Jack Kornfield   The Last Teachings of the Buddha  English
(64 Min., 7.5 MB)

Jack Kornfield  Change, Suffering and Non-Self  English
(62 Min., 7 MB)

Jack Kornfield  How to Live Dharma in the World  English
(43 Min., 5 MB)

Jack Kornfield  Ajahn Chah  English
(62 Min., 7 MB)

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