Meditation Center Beatenberg

The Meditation Center Beatenberg opened its doors at the end of 2000. Since 1978 the precursor organisation, Dhamma Gruppe Switzerland, organized over a hundred meditation retreats and other Buddhist seminars under the guidance of qualified Asian and Western teachers. The center offers various forms of meditation from among the great wealth of Buddhist practices, continuing thereby a tradition of 2500 years, at the same time introducing forms and methods that are helpful in our modern times.

Among the various approaches to meditation, there is a particular emphasis on insight meditation (vipassana) and on the meditations of the heart (metta, karuna, tong-len etc.). Insight meditation is a simple and direct way to explore body, mind and heart. A balanced awareness grounded in the present moment leads to a growing sensitivity and understanding of the nature of life allowing for wisdom and compassion to emerge. Through the meditations of kindness and compassion an attitude of openness and respect in relationship to ourselves and others unfolds.A number of retreats from  the Tibetan traditions are also being offered.

In order to participate in our retreats it is in no way necessary to define oneself in ones religious affiliation or to identify with Buddhist or other religious ideas or principles. Instead, it is a deep interest in inner growth, in liberating wisdom and in compassionate action that is the motivation for such practice.

Generosity and Support

There are seven people working part time at the center for relatively moderate salaries. A number of others freely contribute their time and energy to ensure the overall administration of both, the trust (Stiftung) and the center. In addition, there has been an amazing number of volunteers who have offered their skills, their time and their energy since the centers existence. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the generous help.

During and in-between retreats the center needs people who help as assistant cooks or as main cooks or help with cleaning, with gardening or with other jobs. It is a way of supporting the center and an opportunity to strengthen ones practice by combining meditation, daily life practice and generous service (5 hours per day). Please contact the center for further information.

We also wish to express our gratitude to the many friends who have supported the center through their generous contribution of money or gifts. It is in this way and this way only, that this center is made possible and will continue to serve as a place for the development of the wondrous human qualities of wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Support of the Center

The Meditation Center Beatenberg continues to depend on peoples financial support. One way of helping is to become a patron of the center offering an annual sponsorship fee of either CHF 50.–, 100.–, 250.– (EURO 45.-, 90.-, 220.-) or any other amount. On your payment form please mention «patron».

Please send money to our accounts

Meal Donation

About the giving of food.
Those who offer a meal provide five things. Which five?
Life, beauty, happiness, strength and an alert mind.

In the Buddhist parts of Asia the donation of meals to nuns, monks and meditators has long been part of the traditional practice of generosity (dana). We at the Meditation Center Beatenberg would like to adopt and continue this fine tradition. A donated meal will satiate the hunger of meditators, teachers, as well as all those who through their labors enable the course to take place, and will directly support them all in their meditation, teaching and work. It is also a direct donation to the Center, which helps us continue to keep course prices low.
A gift of a meal may be the occasion to exercise one’s own generosity for the benefit of others or to celebrate a milestone in one’s life, such as a birthday or other anniversary. If you wish, a personal dedication with the name of the donor can be also displayed on the given day.

Donation options:
Breakfast CHF 100.- / € 90.-
Lunch CHF 200.- / € 180.-
Supper CHF 100.- / € 90.-
All three meals CHF 400.- / € 360.-

(The figures correspond to the cost per meal averaged over the year.)
If you are interested in donating a meal please visit or call the center’s office.

Of course we are concerned that the share of the donations to teachers, most of whom live entirely on the basis of donations, should not be reduced, and also that the support of the house team should not suffer.

Meal donations should therefore be offered by those who wish to and are able to make additional contributions. We would kindly request all those interested to bear these priorities in mind.

Another way of support is to make larger donations. Our aim is to maintain a solid financial basis. We thank you in advance for whatever you are able to contribute.
Tax exemption: The trust (Stiftung) has been granted 100% charity status. All donations are tax free for us and 100% tax deductible for the donor.