Retreat Format

Meditation retreats are an opportunity for continuous practice throughout the day, from morning until evening. A schedule of sitting and walking meditation, meditation instructions, a Dharma discourse and regular interviews with the teachers support the development and the deepening of the meditation. Apart from group and/or individual interviews with the teachers most of the retreats are held in complete silence.
Meditation retreats in silcence and with limited social exchange are often not suitable for people with a psychiatric history. It is advisable to contact the teacher prior to registration.


Meditation retreats at our center can only take place and can only be offered at relatively low cost, because many people give their time, their energy and their knowledge voluntarily and freely. They do this because they have been inspired by this meditation practice and wish to make it available to others too. Your wholehearted dedication to practice while on retreat is the best repayment possible for the generous service of so many people. The retreat is a time for committed practice, fully following the instructions and the daily schedule in silence. It is not appropriate to use the retreat as a meditative vacation for hiking in the mountains, visits to the nearby village or for spending time with ones friend or partner.

Participants are expected to stay from the very beginning to the very end of the retreat.

We and all the volunteers who make these retreats possible deeply appreciate your wholehearted participation. Working meditation of about 3/4 – 1 hour a day is part of the retreat, as well as cleaning of the house at the end of the course. The house team depends on the help of the participants. Thank you. May it be for the benefit and welfare of many.

Basic ethical rules

As a foundation for the spiritual practice and to ensure a safe environment for all participants, everyone is asked to adhere to the five basic ethical rules:

  • Respect for all living beings, which means not purposely killing or harming
  • Respect for the property of others, which means not taking what doesn’t belong to one
  • Abstaining from sexual activities during the retreat
  • Respecting the truth which means speaking that which is true, and keeping the silence
  • Abstaining from alcohol and drugs

No smoking in the house. We request participants not to use perfumes and to wear moderate clothing.

To support inner and outer silence, participants are requested to refrain from making phone calls, from using mobile phones/SMS, connectin with social media, reading books and writing during the retreat.

Mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and the like should not be used under any circumstances both inside and outside of the center.