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Corona safety protocol
  • All rooms are aired regularly, especially the meditation hall and dining room.
    Should it become necessary, the hall will also be aired during periods of sitting meditation.
  • It is recommended that you sanitize your hands regularly, especially before mealtimes. Bottles of disinfectant are available for this purpose outside the dining room.
  • It is currently not mandatory to wear masks in the center.
  • Participants with symptoms of a cold prior to the beginning of a retreat should do a self-test at home before coming to the center, and then again another one after being at the center for two days. Please bring self-tests with you. The center will provide these where necessary.
  • Participants presenting with symptoms of a cold during a retreat are asked to wear a medical mask (preferably FFP2) in all common areas, even if the self-test shows a negative result, as a negative test does not exclude a Corona infection.
  • As a protection for all participants continued participation on the retreat is not possible in the case of a positive self-test result.